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We provide you tailored-made support in product development.

By your side at all steps of your product genesis, we assist you from the material selection to the choice of manufacturing processes.

Together, we find solutions to conceive the finest product in the most cost-efficient way.


We blend the centuries-old tradition from local carpet weavers with state of the art industrial processes.

Founded as a premium-oriented factory, continuous improvement is intrinsically part of our history. Hence, two decades of enhancement drove us to the most established luxury boutiques and hotels over the world. 

From the skilled hands of our weavers to the experienced eyes of our masters, products are constantly controlled by experts in their domains.

Our in-house production management system monitors the successful completion of methods, processes, and crafting cycles to provide you the highest manufacturing reliability.

Combining tradition and modernity, we are here to provide you the epitome of Indian craftsmanship.


The tight relationship developed with our partners allow us as a quick and lean supply of materials to 

The special partnership with dyeing houses 

The agility of our production and the tight relationship developed with our partners responsive

Start the production fast, dyeing fast and safe delivery of your goods

Your carpets generate data over time in our factory. Our system collects and treats them at each process step to ensure you a that delivery time are met.

Furthermore, our experience 

As a cloud-managed company, we allow you to transparently follow each product from order to shipment date.

The data generated during the manufacturing cycle are collected and analyzed.

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